yss, i like doing this i can do this forever…
here’s Erwin & Levi in 1 on the forehead
i feel something’s not right though
thank you grey face, i hope you have a loverly day too…
my head and eyes are blurry fluffy it’s beyond midnight i’m feeling okay

7  on the lips (passionate)

"i already knew…"
thanks, anon! you’re very nice..
i wonder what happened to hide eventually??? it’s killing me…

tsukikane ft. lana del rey’s ultraviolence
the song names are in the caption…

sorry, this is not like me but i want to do this haha (•́ ॣ·̫  ॣ•̀,)՞
*covers face & hides in a box of shame*

Don’t forget

That what’s to come hasn’t come yet

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2 days ago - 1562
self portrait?

self portrait?

Rei & Nagisa 
10   on the shoulder

of course i don’t mind~ they’re such cute crybabies
on the train, on their way home

spilled stardust
in the future i might want to make an art project where i cover naked people in glitter and have them spin around like ceiling angels


I buried myself in the backyard yesterday. The worms whispered things that I did not want to know. So I am back on the surface, scrubbing dirt from under my nails.

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not again…!!!



Arima & Kaneki
4  on the eyelids  

wtf… ken doesn’t even have eyelids now
kiss from the god of death

sorry, they’re not even kissing
i’m so heart broken over the ending


Geneviève Bujold
La Guerre est Finie
Alain Resnais 1966


Geneviève Bujold

La Guerre est Finie

Alain Resnais 1966

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Naru & Nephrite  
1 on the forehead

for you

test-run sketches for the kiss art